About  The Rolling Pour


Stephanie Mitchell is an insured bartender & certified event planner with almost 10 years of experience! She and her staff have  experience at working in many different atmospheres, with expansive knowledge of drink mixology and cogent advice on the best wine and beer selections, ensuring every guest will be pleased with their choice of beverage.

We LOVE meeting people from all over the country and getting to share the joys of crafting the perfect cocktail for the special day or celebration!

Stephanie Mitchell, Owner

Mobile Bartending

We provide mobile bartending services for weddings, corporate parties, retirement celebrations, holiday occasions, birthdays, festivals, sporting events and much more.  We want to help you find the perfect bar set up for the most memorable experience for your special occasion! We educate our customers on the best alcohol selection and how much to purchase to save on cost and quantity. Our goal for each event is to create a memorable experiences for our patrons. 

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