What to consider when Hiring Bar Service for a Corporate Function

What to consider when Hiring Bar Service for a Corporate Function

Planning a corporate event and thinking of hiring a bartending service? I’ve got some helpful tips to ensure the first stop at your event (the open bar) is a smashing success. Let’s dive in!

1️⃣ Hire reliable professionals

Nothing worse than vendor “no-shows” or staff that is constantly on their phone 🙄. Your bar service should be attentive, friendly, efficient and well-versed in making a wide variety of drinks. 

2️⃣ Make sure they are insured.

This is different than “licensed” which comes into play with “cash” bars. For pouring service, liquor & general liability insurance are required! 

3️⃣ Customization options:

Check if they can tailor their offerings & signature cocktails to match your event’s theme and preferences.

4️⃣ Reviews 

Read reviews and ask for recommendations to get a sense of their reputation and reliability.

5️⃣ Estimating Alcohol Quantity:

Oftentimes, more alcohol is purchased than needed. Hire a service that offers quantity consultations to reduce overspending. 

Keep in mind that these estimates may vary based on factors like the length of your event, the drinking preferences of your guests, and whether it’s an open or cash bar.

Here’s a general rule of thumb to help you estimate:

– Plan for about 2 drinks per person for the first hour and 1 drink per person for each additional hour.

– Signature cocktails: These are usually very popular and ordered often, especially at the beginning, so purchasing an extra bottle of your liquor of choice is a wise idea! If you plan to have a couple signature drinks, stick to a light liquor and a dark liquor – vodka and bourbon are the most popular. 

– Purchase 1.75L bottles (handles) – they yield about 40 drinks per handle and are a bigger bang for your buck!

Remember, responsible alcohol consumption at your event is key. That is one reason why it is important to hire a professional bar service for your corporate functions. Offering non-alcoholic options and a fun mocktail for those who prefer them is also a great idea! I hope these tips help you in planning an unforgettable corporate event this season. 

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, The Rolling Pour is here to help!